The Most Ludacris Bets Made To Date

If you think that putting a huge amount of money on red at the Roulette table is a little nutty then expect to be floored with the craziest bets made throughout the times. Some of them are downright mental! Intrigued? Check out just how astonishing some of them are just below.


A Russian man lost his wife Tatiana after he used her as a betting tool in a game of Poker. The act itself was not intentional on his behalf, but after she found out she really did file for divorce. Andrei Karpov experienced the surprise of his life when Tatiana got married to the man that won the bet and they are now reportedly happily married.


All joking aside, one professional gambler by the name of Ashley Revell actually sold all of his possessions and with his $136,000 walked into a casino and bet everything on red at the Roulette table. With pure luck the ball landed on 7 which was incidentally red and Revell managed to double his money.


One of the more extreme bets amongst the masses is the one of tattoos. Although it doesn’t seem like a big deal, the wrong image on an exposed part of your skin can make or break your reputation. It goes without saying then that betting on sport with a tattoo can leave you inked with a crazy image on your forearm, back or even neck.

carx - The Most Ludacris Bets Made To Date


Betting on your name, no matter how much you might dislike it is not a joking matter. Many a times it has occurred that the loser of the bet has had to change their name to something a little more off center like “Sexy Machine”. One man from New Zealand had to change his name to “Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Superheroes Combined WithFrostnova.” We are not entirely sure as to the meaning, but there you have it.

Bets can be fun, but they can also be costly. For this reason we can do nothing but recommend what when it gets tight, you take yourself out of the running. More often than not when extreme punters are found in such tight situations where they fail to make financial bets, they often put other things on the line. In these occurrences it is vital to think if the bet is really worth it and what you can lose if things go South.