Gambling Terminology Explained in 5 Minutes

When you make your way over to the casino it is necessary to know at least the basic terminology that is used in many of the casino favorites such as Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and others. We are about to explain everything you need to know so that you can go in with confidence and bowl them over.


BLUFF – This means to take an action within the game and in turn deceive your opponents.

RAISE – This means that you raise the sum of betting for yourself and the other players around you.

CALL – You are matching the bet of your previous opponent without further raising the bet.

FOLD – Surrendering your hand because you believe one or more players may have a higher hand than the one you are currently holding

CHECK – If previous players before your hand have not yet placed a bet you can too check and not place any bets at that moment.

balckjack - Gambling Terminology Explained in 5 Minutes


BUST CARD – This is the card that causes your hand to go over the sum of 21 and in turn busts your current hand

PERFECT PAIR – This happens when you and another player have the same cards with the same value. This bet has the best payouts

TOO MANY – The dealer says this when you have taken a card that takes you over the 21 limit

HOLD CARD AND UP CARD – This is regarding the dealer’s cards. The first term explains the unexposed card whilst the second refers to the card that is visible to you.

BREAKING HAND – This is used to explain any hand that does not contain an ace and totals between 12 and 16.


PINCHING – this is when you take your chips after you have experienced a loss on a bet.

PAST POSTING – past posting refers to when you place a bet after the number that is winning has been announced and is a form of cheating as is pinching.

FULL STACK – A full stack of chips counts twenty chips

There are many more terms that you can learn when it comes to casino gaming, many of which will enable you to become a better player and lose that amateur hat. Make sure you stick to the rules of the game and do not land yourself in the so called Black Book which is found at every casino. Once you make it into the black book you cannot return there. In Nevada the Black Book entails all casinos so once you have your name down you cannot come into any of the casinos found in Nevada.

gamerisms - Gambling Terminology Explained in 5 Minutes