Slot Machine Tips for Winners

Slot machines have been a popular casino choice for a very long time now. As with other casino games, gamblers have come up with various Slot theories and strategies that have turned into myths. Many of them hold not truth and we are about to expose them. In addition to that we will give you a few tips that will help you out and rake in the cash.


Although throughout the ages there have been people that have been able to work out the weak spots of Slot machines and take advantage of them. Today this is no longer the case. Technology has come a very long way and it is virtually impossible to control a slot machine.


People seem to be under the conviction that there are hot and cold slots. For example if there has been a player at a machine for a while that has not paid out people will generally jump at the chance to take over as soon as the person leaves that particular Slot machine. In any case it is very difficult, unless you spend a whole day monitoring which slots have been emptied that day to see which ones are hot and which ones are cold.


If you haven’t had much luck with your slot machine it is common practice to raise your bet to the maximum bet available. This is a myth and will not mean that you will get more money back.

Instead of falling for these tricks it is important that you stick within your means. Work out a budget before hitting the Slot machines and stay with that number. Ignore the ATMs in the lobby of the casino as they will lure you to just withdraw cash for more spending. Also try not to think of one particular Slot machine as the winning machine. Stick with a three column slot machine and instantly start with the highest possible coin bet. You should also look for bonuses as this will ensure you have the best odds. The one thing that you need to remember is that exempting England, casinos will not reveal the likeliness of winning, but they are definitely not high. Choosing a game with the smallest jackpot raises your chances of winning, whilst extremely large jackpots are there to lure in players that will essentially lose their money.

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