Tutorials are a great way to learn the ins and outs of every game. They can also help you on your way in becoming a master and in turn establish yourself as a profession casino player. Check out our latest tutorials that will have you set on your way in learning from the basics to the advanced techniques in all the most popular casino games out there.


One of the most famous casino games is the game of poker. It is seen as both a game of skill and luck. In addition to this you have strategy and the observation of your opponents. Here is a tutorial that will allow you to find out the basic Texas Hold Em rules.


Another fan favorite is Roulette. This game is one of the games at the casino with the biggest odds of you making a win. You can take chance on and raise the stakes with huge returns. Have a look at how the game is played, and play to win.


Take it back to basics with Blackjack. This game is possibly one of the easiest to understand and has the best odds in terms of winning. Some people have gone as far as hacking the game and counting the cards, but this is a difficult process and the application of this strategy is illegal, so make sure you don’t do it, or don’t get caught trying.

These are the top three games we have found tutorials for. Make sure to come back next week and find some more tutorials telling you all about bets and strategies as well as advanced tutorials too.